Anodyne’s Journey

ANODYNE is a ‘Greek’ word for chemicals used for purification of water. At Anodyne, our main objective is to provide problem specific solutions to our customers and thereby reduce the industrial waste of resource in the form of water. We look at industrial water solutions in a holistic manner and provide complete solutions to problems faced rather than having a piece meal approach.

Anodyne Water Engineering Company is a Pvt. Ltd. Company based at Rai, Haryana, India. It has been set up as a centre of excellence in implementing water treatment Plants System. Our motto is to provide efficient and viable options by maximum possible re-use of this precious resources i.e. water which involves Concept of REDUCE, RE-USE & RE-CYCLE by actively involving the industry workers and the management. We provide industrial water solutions in a holistic approach to the problems rather than having a piece meal approach. Thus, we offer external as well as internal methods of water treatment. Treatment solutions are formulated after detailed investigations and regular interaction with customers to understand context, specific needs so that we can understand and translate the solutions in our labs under the guidance of our experts. We have established our company office of Anodyne in Haryana. We have marketing as well as technical support to support the water management system. Our company has also an established R&D lab for Quality control, water analysis and interpretation of results.

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