Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals


Cooling water for industries, if untreated, can cause severe problems on cooling water side. This often results in equipment failure, unscheduled or emergency shutdowns and many a times, production losses. Treating cooling water with right chemicals can control and prevent cooling water side problems and enhance cooling system efficiency and reduce unnecessary shutdowns and frequent maintenance.


Scale and Corrosion inhibitors

Oxygen Scavenging

Descaling by Automatic Online Dosing

Boost pH to improve efficiency and proper process running

Conditioning of Sludge

All Volatile Treatment



Protection against corrosion: Anodyne® range of chemicals contain an efficient blend of inhibitors to control and eliminate Corrosion related failures and unexpected shutdowns

Flexible Dosage Control: Anodyne® cooling water chemicals provide wide flexibility in dosage levels and suit the makeup water requirement

Easy to Use Liquid formulations which further cater to easy dosing.

Non Polluting: All Anodyne® Cooling water chemicals are biodegradable and can be easily discharged after dilution, without posing any serious problem of pollution

Easy to Monitor: With flexibility of dosage and all active ingredients in one form offers ease of monitoring.

Technical Service: Anodyne® technical services ensure optimal performance of complete range of chemicals.