Gas Detection Instruments and Integrated Systems


In a first approach gas detection instruments are products of safety technology and are used preferably to protect workers and to ensure plant safety. Gas detection systems are dedicated to detect dangerous gas concentrations, to trigger alarms and – as far as possible – to activate counter measures, before it can come to a hazardous situation for employees, assets and environment.

Anodyne Services

Anodyne, is an Authorized Channel Partner of Uniphos Envirotronic Pvt. Ltd. (UPL group company). UPL is an Indian MnC, excelling in the field of Gas Sensors and Controllers ; Continuous Emission Monitoring Instruments.

Uniphos is the largest Indian manufacturer, of gas detection instruments in India. The only Indian company to have indigenously developed the following products: Gas Detector Tubes, Catalytic Gas Sensors used for detecting flammable gases, Electrochemical sensors for a variety of toxic gases, Breath alcohol analyzers

We , together with Uniphos work closely with Industrial and Government agencies and cater complete safety solutions. It is useful for the air monitoring at work place & confined space in Industries like:

Process Industries


Cylinder storage yards

Oil and gas industries

Steel industries

Chemical and fertilizer plants

Pharmaceutical plants

Power Industries

Uniphos gas sensors are available for over 100 gases and based on diffusion. Different gas sensing methods are dependent on type of gas, solubility index, chemical and physical properties of gases and vapour. Uniphos offers following technologies:

Electrochemical (EC)

NDIR Sensor

Catalytic Bead Sensors

Open Path Sensors


Safety Integrity Level certification

ATEX certification

NABL accredited laboratory

Certified by CMRI,

R&D facility accredited by DSIR (Ministry of Science & Technology)

Certified by Chief Controller of Explosives

Available Options
Portable Handheld Gas Detection
Integrated Gas Detection systems