Softeners are widely used for reducing hardness from water. Softening is a reversible ion exchange process wherein the hardness forming ions are exchanged with sodium ions present in the resin group. The Water Softening Plants are designed to produce treated Water to suit for various applications. After producing desired output, the resin is regenerated with (NaCI) Sodium Chloride solution after which unit is again ready to deliver next batch. Anodyne incorporates good design procedures for optimum results from Softeners. Water Softeners finds wide application in the fields of steam, power, process and cooling. With our range of Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Systems and Remote Monitoring Cloud Platform, can be integrated and offer water quality for inlet and outlet to cover optimal and cost effective solutions.


Scale build-up in pipes, which leads to decreased flow rates

Scale build-up on heating and cooling systems, leading to increased electricity costs and breakdowns.

White film on glass surfaces and staining on Water taps

Increased laundry costs due to hard water reacting with soap and laundry detergents


Non Corrosive (complete system including piping

Non corrosive Poly Propylene hub and lateral distribution system that ensure uniform ion exchange across the resin bed

Cost efficient models

Optional Software for optimal configuration

Aesthetic and rugged design

User Friendly, low maintenance and easy to install

Versatile Applications

A Complete Self-Regulating System

Finely tuned and simple distribution and collection system

Complete check of assemblies at factory before dispatch

Quick availability


Treatment Capacity (as per OBR)* As required
Material Of Construction Prefab/Containerized • MS Epoxy / FRP/ Rubber lining
• SS 316L
Piping Application • Interconnecting vessels
• Distribution System
Material of Construction (MOC) • uPVC frontal with MPV
• MS with Painted Frontal
Consumables • Ion Exchange Resin
• Salt for Regeneration
* OBR : Output Between Regeneration


C – Capacity
M - Material OF Construction