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Convenient ultrasonic technology. Exceptional performance.

World’s First Flow-Liquid System

When you need the highest-precision ultrasonic flow measurement, inline ultrasonic flowmeters deliver. This flexible product has something for every industrial and utility application – ATEX approvals, HART and Profibus PA communication, comprehensive self-diagnostics and much more. Can’t afford process downtime? We have cost-effective retrofit solutions, too – including battery-powered options for remote locations.


The inline ultrasonic flowmeter series used in combination with the flow transmitter, is ideal for applications where process shut-down is impossible during service and where there is a need for extreme high/low temperatures and pressures. Transducers can easily be changed without interrupting operation.

This system consists of a sensor, transducers with O rings or flanges (depending on selection) and a transmitter. The ultrasonic flow meter is supplied with and without flanges in sizes from DN 50 to DN 1200. It is as standard available in carbon/stainless steel from DN 100 to DN 1200. The Transmitter is designed for wall mounting only.
The ultrasonic flowmeters are available as following options: • Industrial: Rugged reliability to measure both conductive and non-conductive liquids, including oils and liquid gases.
• Utility: From calculating energy in district heating, chilled water to combined cooling/heating applications, utility inline flowmeters cover every installation imaginable.
• Retrofit: Inline retrofit systems can be installed on existing pipes without stopping flow, making them the perfect choice for cost-effective ultrasonic flow measurement.


Petrochemical industry

Power engineering

Water and wastewater

Oil and liquefied gases


Transducers can be replaced under pressure

Measurement of all liquids less than 350 Cst, conductive or non-conductive

No pressure drop

Reliable and accurate flow measurements

Long-time stability

On request as special versions: - Special sensor material, e.g. Duplex, stainless steel - High/low temperature sensor version: +250 °C (+482 °F)/ -200 °C (-328 °F) sensors - Pressure rating 430 bar (6235 psi) - Special sensor sizes down to DN 25 - 1-path or 2-path sensor technology.


Range Qn 10 – 4200 m3/hr (depending on size)
Nominal Size DN 50 - 1200
Working Pressure Max. 40 bar (Max. 580 psi)
Working Temperature -20 … 85 °C (-4 … 185 °F)
Medium Temperature -20 … 200 °C (-4 … 392 °F)
Material (pipe) Steel EN 1.0345-P235GH
Material (transducer) Stainless steel AISI 316 or similar
Resolution 3 mm (0.12 inch)
Accuracy ±0.5% of flow rate
Repeatability 3 mm (0.12 inch)
Input / output (Transmitter) Input: 1-, 2-track interfaces 
Output: 1 analog, 1 pulse, 1 relay
Output (transducer) 4 – 20 mA
Display 2 x 16 alphanumeric digits LCD with backlight
Display units All standard engineering units in m3, litre, gallon, ft3, imperial gallon
Communication HART, Profibus PA, PDM (Process Device Manager)
Power Supply 24V AC/DC
115/230V AC
Design 2 path (with or without flanges), 4 path on request
Protection Class IP65 (NEMA 4)


SITRANS FUS060 Transmitter
SITRANS FUS SONO 3100/SITRANS FUS060 System: for challenging applications requiring transducer replacement under pressure
SITRANS FUS SONO 3300/SITRANS FUS060 System: for applications where transducer replacement is not required
SITRANS FUS380 System: for water flow monitoring
SITRANS FUS SONOKIT battery-powered weld-in flowmeter
SITRANS FUS880 especially for the irrigation industry


External Controller

Product Code: AN-EXT-CNTLR


Product Code: AN-COMM
Cloud Data Logger Interface • Connection via SIM, LAN
• Secured tamper proof data transfer