Reverse Osmosis Chemicals


Untreated feed water to reverse osmosis systems can result in scaling and fouling on the membrane surface. Even with the best pre-treatment based on feed water characteristics, reverse osmosis membrane continues to face several problems associated with scaling, fouling, biological growth along with operational problems. Consequently, this reduces throughput, impacts membrane performance and calls for unwarranted downtime and membrane cleaning.


Antiscalants that provide optimum control of feed water with concentrate LSI upto +3.0 for varying water characteristics.

Non oxidizing biocides for controlling biological fouling.

Alkaline and acidic cleaning formulations.


Reliable Output and improved recovery

Anodyne® range of RO chemicals protects the membrane from damage and accelerates the Reverse osmosis Process.

Optimum Dosage: Our in House Computational software facilitates in product selection and calculates optimum dosage of RO chemicals.

ANSI/NSF Standards: Our products follow all standards as mentioned

Liquid Formulation allows shorter mixing time and faster results.

Cost Effective program for scale removal and also for organic compounds

Heavy Slime Removal by use of biocides can be eliminated