Reverse Osmosis Systems (RO)


Anodyne, a leading turnkey solution provider of water and wastewater treatment systems in India. With its decade old experience and expertise in the Indian industrial, buildings and the government segments Anodyne has developed the VEPO range of Water treatment solutions keeping in mind major concerns felt in the Conventional Water treatment systems. “VEPO” is one name for convenience, Plug and Play, Quick Ship and Most Efficient Water treatment systems. Due to their ergonomic design, Minimum Footprint and Easy Maintenance, VEPO systems are hassle free unlike the conventional Water treatment systems. Anodyne started with VEPO Softeners and VEPO RO’s and further added potential products like VEPO ETP/STP and VEPO DM to the product range. The VEPO RO Systems are ideal for your requirements assuring not only high quality performance but efficiency as well. With its thorough experience and customer understanding, Anodyne foresaw the need for an effective system high on convenience. After immense research we had developed the VEPO RO Systems, a best-in-class solution for water treatment. The high-end ergonomic design, minimum footprint, simple operations and convenience ensures VEPO-RO Systems deliver the best results at the lowest life cycle cost.


Drinking Water

Dialysis Machines

Commercial Facilities

Process Water

Cooling Tower & Boilers

Critical Applications


Advanced Filtration System with AFMR (Activated Glass Media) and Activated Carbon Filter gives better performance than sand filters and adds importance to Waste Water Treatment with filtration upto 1 micron.

Modular design enables faster delivery

Compact Design Aids in for quick and easy installation, and space efficiency and is scalable

Less and simpler equipment, thus reduces maintenance

PLC based fully Automatic system for operational comfort

VFD control for flow control during purified water generation and sanitisation (Only for Pharmaceutical units)

UPVC and SS piping- Non-corrosive piping increases longevity and delivers clean water

Design flexibility

Minimum Dead Lag construction to minimize microbial growth

Minimal footprints


Treatment Capacity • Minimum Treatment Capacity: 250 lph
• Available Upto 40 m3/hr
• Higher Capacities Upto 200 m3/hr available on reques
Fabrication Type • Prefab/Containerized
• On – Site Fabrication
Material Of Construction Membranes Spiral Wound
Membrane Housing FRP
Civil Bricks(Common Burnt Clay bricks/Concrete Bricks/Engineering Bricks/ Fly Ash bricks for Non-Humid areas) ; Sand ; Cement ; PaintPaint
Piping Application • Interconnecting all modules
Material of Construction (MOC) UPVC / SS
Consumables RO Antiscalant
Analytics • Online pH sensor
• Online TDS / Conductivity Meter
• Online Flowmeter
Polishing System / Reuse Depends on source of application
• Filtration Using Activated Glass Media Filter
• UV Sterilization and Ozonation (for Drinking water /bottling unit)


C – Capacity
F - Fabrication
M - Material OF Construction